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Pack 408 provides opportunities to each family to participate in fundraising activities throughout the year. Fundraising helps reinforce the values of Helpfulness, Courtesy, and Thriftiness. Fundraising allows our boys to develop and refine social skills, goal-setting, decision-making, math skills, and salesmanship. Fundraisers also give you the opportunity to speak to your child about money management. 

Popcorn Fundraiser
In an effort to keep annual dues low, we require all scouts to participate in popcorn sales. Each scout is required to participate in a minimum of 2 hours of Popcorn Show'N'Sells or must sell popcorn using the take home order form. Popcorn sales account for most of the funding the pack needs to operate and give our boys a fun and exciting program. A portion of all sales goes to the Longhorn Council to maintain and improve camp grounds and activity centers, cover council operation costs, and purchase supplies for youth activities. 

Other Fundraisers
Families are not required, but are encouraged, to participate in all other fundraising activities. When a Scout participates in fundraisers, outside of the popcorn fundraiser, the scout can earn money that will go into their individual Scout Account to be used for various events, activities, and membership dues. 

Scout Account
When boy joins Pack 408, we establish an individual Scout Account. The Scout then decides, along with his parents, what events the money will be used for. This promotes financial responsibility in our Scouts. Each year, our pack has many families that pay for all scouting activities though our fundraising events. Do not let the cost of scouting scare you.  If the cost is the only thing keeping your son out of Scouting email us and a leader will be happy to contact you and explain our fundraising events and other programs in more detail.