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Cub Scout Pack 408
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Cub Scout Application

  All new and returning scouts are required to complete an application. If you need assistance or have any questions about the application, please contact us, and a leader will be happy to assist you.

Adult Leader Applications

  Pack 408 has a very active leadership, dedicated to the character development of each boy. Active parent participation is essential to ensure success of the Pack. Pack 408 leader positions are listed below. 

Positions that work with boys:

  • Cubmaster
  • Assistant Cubmaster
  • Den Leaders
  • Assistant Den Leaders

Positions that work with adults

  • Committee Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Advancement Coordinator
  • Pack Trainer
  • Parent Coordinator
  • Chartered Organization Representative
  • Event Coordinators (various)
Adults interested in helping the pack succeed in providing a fun atmosphere for our boys should discuss their interests with the Cubmaster or Committee Chair. All adult leaders must complete an application. All registration fees are paid by Pack 408.

Medical Forms

  The Boy Scouts of America requires medical forms for each family member that participates in certain events and activities. To ensure medical records stay current, parents are asked to fill out new Medical Forms A and B for each family member at the start of the new scouting season, in the fall, every year. Medical forms will be shredded every year at the end of Spring.

Camp outs: EVERY member of the family attending a camp out MUST have a new medical form on file. Complete parts A and B.

Resident Camp: EVERY scout and parent attending MUST have Medical Forms A, B, and C on file. (C must be completed by a Doctor)